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How Do You Get Convinced To Date A Punjabi Girl?

Dating a Punjabi girl is like putting the face into the sugarcane juice extractor machine. It is giving your entire blood and sweat to the girl and then she pulls out all the juice from you before putting the sweetness of her nectar in your life. Its all about proving first and then enjoying her attention which is more akin to the adage you don’t get a Punjabi girls love you have to earn it. One of the toughest soul or species in Humans who are known for their power and valour in both sexes it is very difficult to manage their standards which are very high on the pedestal although it may sound frivolous because of the ease in talking they maintain within their own group of people.

So, if at any point a person gets an opportunity to date a Punjabi girl then thank your stars and consider it a sign of good deeds in your life. Now, if the thought crosses in your mind you have to consider the first and foremost thing is the connection with your belly which needs to be strong as their food and drinking habits are very desi and they do not mind going for that heavy village wine or rum which is not easy to digest for the person who has an urban upbringing. The first thing which they love is your way of talking which should have the foreign accent and they also consider well groom personalities with the desi flavour attached to it.

She loves to carry you to her own home and thus it is easy for you if you know how to gell well with elders and younger ones alike. So, if there are chances of you to get attached then be ready to have some beautiful homemade food and the love and adulation provided by the family members who give respect irrespective of the religion which you carry in life. The only religion which is considered first in their territory is that whether you give respect to the food and culture so you have to become a bread winner first to win the heart of the Punjabi girl and your perfection which you can carry while tilling their piece of land will add the flavour to their life because they understand the worth of the ox with the capability of ploughing and rowing the field rather than your style and substance about being a show-off which is never liked by them as they stand away from the crowd in showing their style and substance.

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